Beginning Gymnastics (White belt) 1 hr / ages 6 & up
This class teaches the fundamentals of gymnastics.  Girls learn rolls, handstands, cartwheels, trampoline skills and basic bar and beam skills are introduced.

Beginning Tumbling
This class is for the beginning tumbler. It introduces cartwheels and jumps on the floor and trampoline. There are no classes available at this time. Please contact our front office for help. 775.355.7755

Power Tumbling Ages 6-22
This class teaches rolls, cartwheels and jumps on both the floor and trampoline and then moves on to flips, tucks and whips in the more advanced levels. This is an excellent class for cheerleaders and gymnasts to learn new skills and improve old ones. This class is 1.5 hours.

Trampoline safety is emphasized in this class. Students will learn jumps, seat drops & twists. More advanced levels move on to flips, layouts & tucks.